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  Submit to Sonder Magazine   

Hey there stranger. Sonder Magazine is an independent literary-focused publication dedicated to publishing this generation's most compelling stories and unique voices. If you have something to say, something to show- we want to see it! This includes but is not limited to: photography, short films, poetry, collages, fiction, personal essays, journalistic pieces and digital art. Have an idea but haven't executed it yet? Feel free to send us a pitch. 


As of now, we can not offer any commission to our artists, but this is something we are continually striving for. You, the artist, retain all rights to your art upon acceptance and we receive publication rights upon submission. All work must be submitted to Sonder voluntarily for either:   

Issue Two:

All work featured in our second issue must have been created after March 2020, the beginning   of the COVID-19  pandemic.

General Submissions:

Work submitted for general submission for publication to our digital website will also be considered for upcoming print issues. 

photography by louie blondet

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