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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

it is only dreams,

unholy trespass.

i reach out,

waiting for him,

incomplete, incomprehensible,


unstoppable force,

immovable object.

everything is intense,

more than i would like it to be

and now i don't think i can get

to joy again

without him being on the frontlines

of the battle in my head.

i learned to stop breathing.

i faint towards him.

he, an unwelcome parasite,

a disruption to my mental ecosystem.

he is the sour aftertaste

of love gone rotten.

i ask him if i can leave


i pray that he lets me leave

he kicks me out

he crumbles

he breaks

i pray.

i don't believe in a god,

yet i pray,

holy trespass.

today i feel him.

Grayson Buckley is a freshman at NAU. They are majoring in English Creative Writing, with a minor in Art History. They love poetry, painting, writing songs, and just enjoying the world. They hope to one day be a published author.

"The inspiration behind "handprints" was the feeling of not being able to separate yourself from someone toxic from you, even if you know how toxic they are. It was a combination of several poem fragments, all on the same topic, then combined into one coherent poem."

graphic by @fakiewilly

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