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Growing Gardens with Mae Krell

Our editor in chief Micaela Merryman and our executive editor Cam Cave had the opportunity to talk to Mae Krell about their newest single, 'are you sure?' and other songs of theirs that have had an impact on our lives.

Mica: Was there a moment or memory that really compelled you to write "are you sure?" What was it?

Mae: Yes! 100%. In my experience, as you go through your recovery and work to change and be better and healthier, self doubt is a huge factor. Even when you factually know things are better, it's so easy to get into a place where you're sure they aren't. Has anything changed? Am I as bad as I used to be? Were things even that bad? Is all of this hard work worth it? All those questions and the moments in which you struggle and ask yourself them is what "are you sure?" is about.

Cam/Mica: The reflective quality of your music is so personal and raw, yet we were able to resonate with your songs. We also loved the imagery in the lyrics in the song Garden. The song has such a strong metaphor of the struggle of personal growth. What drove you to write this song? We also really liked the nose has been stuffed for some time line, that was stellar.

Mae: Thanks so much! So happy to hear that you connected to "garden" as well. The first lyric I wrote for it was "I poisoned my roots and expected to be able to grow", and the whole song kind of formed around that. I wanted to write a really honest song about my own experience with substances while still masking it a bit, and that's what garden is. Cam: That line hits too hard! Also, The repetition of "grow your garden"feels like a mantra, by the last time you say it, I feel like the garden begins to grow. Can you point to a specific moment in your life where you knew that music was your calling?

Mae: I typically write songs around a single lyric that I usually pull out of my phone notes. I'm inspired by everything- and so I make sure to write down whatever comes to mind no matter where I am or what I'm doing. When I sit down to write, I scroll through and find a line that I have laying around and go from there.

Mica: I like that, finding inspiration from a little bit of everything. What advice would you give young songwriters struggling to find their sound? What advice would you have given yourself before you released your first single?

Mae: Just write a lot! and don't focus too much on the idea of finding your sound since it'll always be changing as you do. Make music that you love and that you feel represents you as a person, and then work your ass off. Everything else will come together from there. Advice wise for my younger self- I'd say to not let people influence you so much. Just because you're young and starting out doesn't mean you have to listen to everything that more experienced people tell you.

Mae Krell latest single "are you sure?" is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

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