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Coming of Age with Marina Shapiro

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

I was really inspired by Petra Collins when I was younger. The mystical quality of her photos, while still portraying real life situations, especially girls in coming-of-age situations, drew me like a moth to a flame.

This photo is another of my all-time favorites, I came up with a small concept based on Leila’s personality and some props that I already had and we shot on my grandparent’s ranch in Tucson in the hot summer. These photos don’t mean anything in particular to me but I’m glad that they’re open to interpretation, and I think that everyone can see some sort of meaning in them that makes sense individually. 

This photo is actually one of my most popular photographs, it was curated by VSCO and still gets favorited and republished every day since I posted it over a year ago. I love this photo because it captures my friend perfectly, studs and patches all over her jacket and piercing eyes at a hardcore venue called Ward 6 in Tucson.

This photo is probably one of my favorites I’ve ever taken. It was a quick idea, something I came up with while fidgeting with my lighter in my room. Lilyana was in town visiting her boyfriend, who lived on the floor below me in our dorm building, and I called her to come up super quick and let me photograph her, and this is the result I got.

From a super young age I had picked up a camera and shot photos trying to capture this feeling (you can find them on @oftheoceans). I think I do photography to chase that need to preserve this time in my life, the people I meet, the things I experience and how I process them. I feel so connected to my photographs, whether spur of the moment or a planned shoot, everything has meaning to me and I know it was as I look back for years to come.

Marina Shapiro is a photographer based in Tuscon, Arizona. You can find her on Instagram @marinaeshapiro .

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