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60 Second Interview: Citro Soul Collective

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

We had the privilege of speaking with Morgan: the founder and face of the eclectic Citro Soul Collective, the vintage Instagram thrift store based in Oceanside, California that is changing the way many teens are acquiring vintage pieces.

What is Citro Soul in your own words? Can you remember the story of how it started, what you were thinking then?

"Citro Soul to me emulates a cool, timeless style! In the December of 2019, I was looking to name my collective and wanted something that suited my 70’s inspired fashion. I found the word citro on a list I had come across online. It was full of 70’s slang and I just loved it. That’s where my idea of Citro Soul Collective sprouted and I still love it just as much!"

Morgan, how would you define your personal style?

"My personal style definitely changes a lot depending on my mood, but for the most part I stick to 60’s and 70’s. I love the mod look of the 60’s, and groovy mixed with rocker look of the 70’s. I’m also very invested in western style and love a good vintage western outfit! Overall though, I’d say I love anything with bell bottoms, chunky boots, prairie blouses and more."

My last question is: how do you source your pieces

"I source all of my pieces from estate sales, thrift stores and garage sales. For the most part though, the best vintage always come from estate sales for me!"


To keep up with everything the Citro Soul Collective is doing, click here to head to their Instagram.

Interview by: Micaela Merryman

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